Why We Exist

Choose Life of Georgia, Inc. is a non-profit organization that receives revenue from the sale and renewal of Choose Life specialty plates ($10 per plate). We distribute a portion of these funds to agencies that counsel for adoption and not for abortion.

The goal of Choose Life of Georgia is to channel resources into frontline life-affirming agencies to increase the two percent of abortion vulnerable women choosing adoption for their children.

The Georgia Senate and House passed the bill for Choose Life tags along with 17 other specialty license plates in 2006.

The people of Georgia passed the constitutional amendment in November 2006 to allow non-profit organizations to receive revenue collected from specialty license tags.

Tags were “pre-sold” from January through July 2007, and the 1st tags were issued in October 2007.

The Choose Life tag has been endorsed by Georgia Right to Life, Georgia Family Council, Georgia Christian Alliance, and Georgia Christian Coalition and the Archdiocese of Atlanta.

(Choose Life of Georgia does not receive any part of the manufacturing fee.)